tersimpan di draft sejak Februari 2013

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at first i was confused, didn’t really know what i wanted, i didn’t know if i would want to take a chance again and actually take you seriously. you told me you like me so much. so, i decided to come close to you as a friend and find out who you truly were and what you were like. you seemed cool, nice, bad boy(?) and funny some things i really liked in a guy. so i took a chance and got with you.

in the beginning, things didn’t seem that well, i actually had my doubts about you. i wasn’t sure you were actually taking me seriously. but, it was too late to look back; i had already fallen for you since the day i met you and i wasn’t really looking forward to giving up too soon. i wasn’t going to let you go so easily!

well, time has passed and i have discovered new things and a new me. you have truly changed me. still, in a way, i’m scared ‘cause i am actually growing a true feeling inside my heart which i just can't explain, but i know it’s there waiting for you to come and uncover it. i truly don’t know what your feelings are but i don’t want to force you in telling me what you don’t feel towards me. i would want to receive love and trust from you when you truly mean it. all i ask from you is to show me you care and not hide anything, to also have trust in me the way i do in you. you are something i never thought could exist for me. you are one of the best things that has happened in my life, and i don’t regret being with you.

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